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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the legal cause being proposed today to make sure fires like this never happen again. mornings on two continues. >> this is mornings on two. >> good morning. thank you for joining us today. we are live in napa this morning where a big storm is expected to hit the area later today. coming up tara moriarty is. there she's going to have more on cities around the bay scrambling to prepare. got to dig out the umbrella, dust it off. my daughter's hoping to use her
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new rain boots she got for christmas. they've been sitting there by the door. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. talk about weather and traffic. should i run home and grab an umbrella? . >> not today. >> i don't need it today. >> tomorrow. tomorrow. >> unless you're up north. yes, you'll need it today. for us, tomorrow will be the key day as this system slowly works its way toward us. already have advisories, flash- flood watches out. cloudy skies, all quiet now. breeze picking up out of the southeast. we expect that to really crank up, because there's a wind advisory. two systems. one will be very warm, topples over us. tonight things really get cranked up. already on the north coast, some rain is falling. a lot of cloud cover over us. rain could start mendocino county later today. for right now, it's awfully quiet. 0s on the temps for most.
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a couple 40s. . 50 at alamo, lafayette. even pittsburgh there. 40s for many, including black hawk, brentwood, also ant i don't care. that breeze out of the southeast. it is not that strong yet, but it will by tonight into tomorrow. the key is going to be where this rain line sets up. if it stalls out or keeps moving south -- right now it's beginning to paint itself on the north coast. not yet into mendocino county. most of this is going to wait a bit. some of the rainfall projections north bay 6 to 12. this is between now and sunday. it may take a while to get to san jose, as in friday night. a lot to talk about tomorrow. counsel heavy rain to the north. nothing but clouds and wind to the south. 60s on the temps. these are all average. anything going on? . >> we don't have a lot of major crashes. slow traffic there, steve. good morning to you, as we hit the roads there.
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a backup now. started about 5:45 when those metering light turned on. traffic became busier at the toll plaza. the traffic is moderate as you drive-through. when you're driving to the san ma day owe bridge, say you're going that way. traffic is moderate there. there are no major issues. the traffic does look okay getting over to the peninsula. southbound 101 between novado and san area fell, not a bad commute. word of a crash south 101 north of east washington in the snow ma county region near petaluma. watch for slow traffic south 101. it does get better by the time you reach navado. it is 6:03. let's go back to the desk. >> the wet weather is welcome news all over the bay area. where the rain and wind is expected to be the heaviest is up in the north bay, and people are getting ready. tara moriarty joins us from napa to tell us what
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they're doing. >> reporter: your caught got new boots. so did i. couldn't resist the sales. they're probably going to stay dry this morning, because the rain is not expected to hit napa till later this afternoon. up to 6 inches is expected. a pretty good amount. scattered showers and thunder could last through the weekend. . a flash flood watch has been issued in napa county. same goes for snow ma and marin. now residents say this rain is long overdue. >> i remember the floods. >> reporter: this isn't expected to be anything like that. are you still looking forward to the fact we're getting rain? . >> absolutely, yeah. definitely. i always love it when it rains. always makes me happy for some
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reason. >> reporter: crews are going into overdrive, beefing up for possible power outages. yesterday sandbags were delivered to the intersection of 17th and folsom. drains have been cleared. the north bay will get hit this afternoon. the rest of the bay area probably won't see any rain until this evening. live from napa, i'm tara moriarty. back to you guys. >> thank you, tara. time 6:05. after several fires in san francisco, now there's a push for tougher safety regulations. ktvu's allen savage at the scene of last week's fire in the mission district. -- they also want to speed up the reconstruction process as well for the
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buildings like this one. this one caught fire a week ago. one person was killed. fifty were left homeless. san francisco's supervisors jane kim and david compos are pushing a series of changes. supervisor co mpos wants to allow building inspectors to cite landlords whose fire alarms aren't up to date. he wants to make sure residents know they can anonymously report safety violations, and want to require owners of apartment buildings to file reports twice a year, declaring their safety equipment is in working order. supervisor kim has a plan to make sure tenants aren't without a permanent place to live for a long period of time. her plan includes unsen practice, penalties to purr suede property owners to rebuild in a timely fashion. she also suggests easing some permit requirements, and in some cases, even having
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the city seize a burned-out property to do the repair work. officials and also the fire chief as well say they support many suggestions on the table. supervisors kim and compos are planning to offer further details on their plan at an event that will be held at city hall later this morning. they plan to introduce legislation within the coming weeks. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, alex. time now 6:70. suge knight -- tmz is reporting knight suffered a panic attack as a result of a blood clot, and was taken to the hospital. he is in jail accused of running overtwo men. on tuesday he entered a not guilty plea to murder charges. witnesses say knight got into a knife with one of the men and intentionally tried to run him over. san francisco giants fans have been going online to vote for their favorite catcher, buster pose say. he is in a competition to
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become the face of major league baseball. . >> we're now waiting for the announcement. . the overall winner will be named on february 26. >> i bet it's going to be buster. >> i hope so. time is 6:70. san francisco police hope surveillance video will help them catch three again who robbed a tiffany's -- store. this happened yesterday afternoon. the man told everybody to get down on the floor. police say they forced one employee to open several jewelry cases, then they escaped with an unknown amount of jewelry. no one was hurt. the state letting is considering a new plan for fixing roads and pot holes that would require drivers to pay an annual fee. it would be a $52 road user fee. it's proposed by state assembly speaker tony atkins, who says this would generate
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about $1.8 billion a year. the state gas tax that now pays for road repairs, they've been dropping because cars are more fuel efficient. there's a huge backlog of road and highway repairs. the fee could be charged as part of the vehicle registration and car insurance. the city of san francisco thinking about reducing the speed limit in some areas just to make the streets safer for pedestrians. later today, a committee of the board of supervisors will hold a hearing about this idea. ''the san francisco examiner" says one idea is to reduce the speed limit to 20 miles an hour in certain raps. the city's goal is to have zero pedestrian fatalities in the next decade. a day after meeting with major deny's king abdul la, all 26 members of the senate armed service committee called on the summation to quickly provide
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aircraft parts, night vision equipment, and other weapons to jordan, and this is video of that meeting on tuesday when king abdul la was in washington. the push follows the release of a video showing islamic state militants burning to death a captured jordanian air force pilot. french authorities say a woman featured in a new video may be the widow of the man who killed four hostages last month. the video shows an isis fighter praise previous attacks in france, and calling for more. the woman substantial doubting next to the speaker wearing camouflaged clothing and holding a weapon may be the grocery store attacker's widow. she was seen on surveillance video passing through turkey days before the attacks in paris. the obama administration leaning toward sending arms to ukraine to help it fight russian backed rebels. john kerry in europe to discuss ukraine and other issues with allies p. comes as the conflict between ukraine indian forces and pro
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russian separatists continues. the u.s. and its allies accuse russia of sending military personnel and equipment over the boarder into ukraine. russia denies those claims. time 6:10. right now, president obama is in washington. he's hosting the annual prayer breakfast. it's being held at the washington hilton hotel. these are photos from earlier. you see president obama, first lady michelle obama greeting guests. religious leaders all over the nation are at this very special event. there's controversy this year, though, because the dally llama is one of the guests. now, the chinese government does not want the dalai llama to be seen with president obama. they say china might see that as show of support for tibet. 6:11 is the time. the cover model of this year's "sports illustrated" swim suit edition has been
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revealed. that is not the only headline coming out of this year's issue? and a hair-raising punishment for kids who don't behave. next how one barber is using his clippers -- sorry, kids -- to keep you guys in line. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute where things are getting a lot business -- everything begins to kick in tonight. flash-flood watches already posted. we have other advisories as well.
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this is cell phone video, shows deputy public defender jamie tillison being handcuffed and taken into custody. greg sur says the city won't pursue charges against her. tillison was arrested when she objected to police questioning her client outside a courtroom. the city's decision comes after the after the american civil liberties union called for a review of department policy, saying this incident raised serious questions about the department's tactics. a federal appeals court has dismissed a third lawsuit on proposition two. the law bans the inhumane
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consignment of hens, breeding pigs, prohibiting putting them in cages so small they can't stretch, turn around. california's proposition two was approved by voters in 2008. a new survey of this year's college freshman is they spent their senior year of high school a lot different than their parents did. a survey shows they spent less time partying and being with their friends, and they submitted more college applications than their parents did. this year's college freshmen drank less, reported feeling more overwhelmed. researchers at ucla says the study indicates students face a lot more pressures to succeed than earlier generations, and they're having a lot less time for fun. there's also a new app that's helping college
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students stay focused in class, called pocket points. it works by rewarding students who keep their phones locked during class thyme. once the phone's locked, that app starts racking up points. those points could be used at nearby businesses for school supplies, and food. food. russell frederick says he came one the idea when his son began misbehaving. sat him down, gave him a cut people are calling the old-man look. another customer saw what he was doing, requested the same thing for her son. . .
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>> go easy on us, al. i am trying to. we are doing really well. for the most part, there's slow traffic in the areas you might expect to see it. it's not all that bad. 8-minute drive time between those two points, pleasant hill is not bad at all. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic continues to look very nice. there are no major problems here, and the commute continues to look good. driving on 580 anytime soon, westbound 580 through the livermore valley, a little slow in spots. the altamont pass and 680 already slowing down on the way from pleasanton to fremont. 6:15. let's go to steve. >> we do have cloud cover over us. lot to talk about. let's got to it. a little amendment here. the rainfall season from the
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national weather service used to be july to june. has now changed. . our totals have changed here with the new information without any rain for 42 days, which ties a record in san francisco going to 1946. . thanks to that 21 days we had in december. otherwise we'd be in deep petunias. santa rosa has now gone below 86% of normal. we have a heavy rain forecast, but not until tonight, tomorrow. a flash-flood watch out for the north bay. you have heard the term "atmosphere i can river." what is that all about? a narrow band or corridor in the atmosphere that transports well above average moisture. that's the band taking aim at us. if you take that moisture, which is way, way above
6:20 am
what it should be this time of year, lift it, cool it, condense it, you could wring out a ton of moisture. not something you heard in the ú70s or ú8 0s. that's what it is, case you're wondering. a lot of moisture streaming up, which is why some of the rainfall projections are hard to believe. possibility of a foot for some over the next couple days. even woodside, 50 degrees, which is warmer than la honda. foster city 49. menlo park 46, 47. the breeze is not that strong yet. it is going to pick up. be out of the south, southeast. it will ramp up more tonight, tomorrow. got to 36 up at crescent city. rain on the north coast. it's just now inching close to the mendocino coast. flash-flood watches are out. lake county, mendocino county. for good reason. there could be copious amounts of rain. north bay 6 to 12. south bay may not get much.
6:21 am
a rain shadow. may not till friday night. that's the problem. next 5 days, the one rainfall projection for humbottom county, 18 inches of rain. no joke, no joke. ukaya, santa row is a, to 126789 watch how this moves in. stays there, stays there, stays there. it doesn't make it till tomorrow morning for parts of the north end. there's going to be two systems. the first will kind of park itself. the second one, that's the one that's going to push it south. look at this. it's not till 3:00. by the time it gets down to san jose, 6 or 7:00. it may be a north bay event tomorrow morning. tomorrow night could be more for the south bay. that's the way it's looking now. cloudy, breezy. continued mild on these temps. should be 58, 62. we'll still be above except for a couple locations. most areas will be above by a
6:22 am
good 5, 7 degrees. maybe warmer. could feel tropical-like in the santa clara valley. rain, wind, friday. carry over to saturday. another faster, colder system. pretty good punch sunday into monday. maybe thunderstorms monday. >> did you say they'll get 18 inches? >> north of mendocino county. >> between tomorrow night and -- >> into monday. >> okay. >> nice. >> that's good. >> national weather person. >> national hump back whale day. i'm in good company today. >> you are in good company. time 6:22. there's a new fire fighting tool. looks like it came out of a hollywood movie. you've got to see it. coming up at 6:45, the robot operated by humans designed to help keep them out of dawn >> terry: jury selection in a case made famous over a hollywood movie.
6:23 am
moving the trial of the man accused of killing the american sniper.
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shot and killed kyle and another man. they say robd was suffering from ptsd following his last deployment and that chris kyle and other friends of his were trying to help him. kyle was a navy seal sniper, considered one of the best in u.s. history, with 160 confirmed kills. his best-selling book is now a hit movie, the one that stars bradley cooper. . >> i stand before you a broken woman. i am now and always will be the wife of a man who was a warrior on and off the battlefield. >> that hit movie has become the highest-grossing war movie of all time. rose's lawyers say he won't be able to get a fair trial in the texas town because of the publicity of the movie. however, some trial consultants say, no matter where
6:27 am
that trial is moved, people there will already know this story. the contra costa county sheriff's office says the man killed by deputies in ant i don't care tuesday was armed with a knife. now p photo of a large kitchen knife was released by investigators. they say 29-year-old duwane shawn ward, jr., lunged at officers with a knife. the shooting happened at an apartment complex, claudia court. deputies were trying to serve ward with a move-out order as part of a domestic abuse restraining order. it is now 6:27. twenty-nine ports closed for business. coming up next, developments on this issue. >> live in san jose, where police are on the look-out for a man they say is responsible for a rash of car burglariesful we'll tell you how he is operating and what area is being targeted. . >> right now we are still looking at a commute that is getting slower and slower as
6:28 am
the morning wears on for the peak of the commute. this is 101 at 580 interchange for san rafael. this traffic does look good. a lot of cloud cover over us. only a couple patches of that. it's the rain. it's on the way. may take a while to get here for some. we'll explain. ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect with your doctor any time anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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ktvu's alex savage out there, will tell you more about changes that will be proposed today to help protect people who live in these larger apartment building. stay tuned for that. good morning. thank you for joining us for mornings on 2, thursday, february 5th. i'm dave clark. it is 6:30. want to check in with steve, because we're going to
6:31 am
get some rain. . could be too much of a good thing. >> . >> we need the rain, don't want too much rain. that is definitely on the weather menu for some to the north, maybe areas to the south after everything is said and done. cloudy this morning. what is that? kind of cool there. san jose. southwest flight, 15:22 on time, on the way to phoenix. also a wind advisory. it will pick up later tonight into tomorrow. gusts to 50 miles an hour. that will take us into saturday. stronger system, colder one, i think, comes in on sunday. this is the one that has all the moisture. it's beginning to work its way toward us, juice up the atmosphere. going to take a while to get here. may be a north bay event tonight all the way tomorrow morning before it moves south. the breeze is out of the south, southeast. it will pick up later. rainfall could be excessive for
6:32 am
some, humbold, also you folks in lake county. nothing for else until much later. san jose may not get that much rain. other areas around them may. humbold, trinity county, next 5 days, 18 inches of rain forecast. incredible, incredible. 12, then after that, it tails off. highs today will be in the 6 0s. here's sal with an update on your traffic so far. i don't think -- too bad. >> we've had slow traffic. haven't had any major crashes. start off and take a lock at the daily bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be a little slow. typical delay of about 25 minutes 30 minute as you drive-through. no problems. the morning commute is going to be okay if driving
6:33 am
on inter880. not causing a big backup slog down in the heyward area, slowing as you drive to fremont. after several big apartment building fires in san francisco. now there's a push for tougher safety regulations while at the same time speeding up plans to rebuild. alex salve inning joining us live now. you're at the scene of last week's devastating fire. tell us what is being considered. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. supervisors, they want to improve the inspection process for large apartment pulleddings to be sure they meat fire code. also want to speed up the reconstruction for buildings like this one damaged by fire. this is here in the mission, mission and 22nd street. this place caught fire a week ago. one person was killed. more than 50 people were left homeless after the residential and commercial building burned. this fire and two other recent
6:34 am
fires in san francisco have led to calls to tighten safety rules. san francisco supervisors jane kim and david compos pushing a series of changes. supervisor compos wants to let building inspectors to cite landlords whose fire alarms aren't up to date. he want to make sure resident know they can anonymously report safety violations, and want to require owners of apartment buildings to fuel reports twice a year declaring their safety equipment is in working order. supervisor kim has a plan to make sure tenants aren't left without a permanent place to live for a long time. her man includes sen practice and penalties to purr suede property owners to rebuild in a timely fashion. . in some cases, having tussores a burned-out property to do the repair work. officials, also the fire chief have said they are on board with some of the
6:35 am
suggestions being laid for here. we also understand the two supervisors are planning to offer more details on their -- their plan here, dave, and later this morning at city hall. they plan to introduce legislation in the coming weeks. >> that will be interesting. alex savage in san francisco. thank you. meantime, a fund raise lower be held tonight for the victims of the mission fire. it will be between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. at a restaurant and bar named dr. chi and the electric mayhem. located at 2323 mission street. donations for the victims will be accepted. also 10% of the bar sales will be donated as well. there are new signs we could be getting closer to a possible shutdown at the port of oakland next few days. even that is a matter of controversy. the long shore workers union said a few issues need to be worked out to end a standoff. the maritime association, which is the coalition of shipping companies to all 29 west coast ports say the two sides remain far, far
6:36 am
apart. the marry time association said cargo is so backed up at the port that the system is barreling toward collapse. >> is that five days from now, seven days from now, ten days from now? i couldn't tell you exactly, but i'll tell you -- >> there's no reason why this can't be recovered. it's always difficult. it's never easy, or it would have been done a long time ago. we're now so close, we need to just focus on getting it done. >> the maritime association said the current congestion at ports is due to a union slowdown. the union denies that. the maritime association and union are continuing negotiations in san francisco. lock your cars, and hide your valuables. that's a message from san jose police as they search for burglars. you're in san jose. tell us where this is happening, and how these thieves are operating. good morning, georgia mean.
6:37 am
>> reporter: good morning, dave. we are parked on the first street corridor. this is right near the airport. this area is getting hit hard. these thieves are looking through windows and looking for anything of value: laptops, wall etc., phones. this is all happening during this time in the morning, between 6 and 11:00 a.m. officers say this area near 880 and brokaw and 11 and first street has had 53 break-ins. police believe thieves are targeting unsuspecting out of towners, because this area is full of hotels, gas stations. it's frequented by business people who have valuables. police have identified 26-year- old kevin jordan of oakland as a suspect for some of these burglaries. he has two outstanding warrants. >> we suspect this mr. jordan is a part of a bigger group that's working along that corridor, targeting business people. they're in the area, either
6:38 am
from the area. they're in cars, going to a meeting. typically people in a hurry. >> reporter: smash and grab burglaries happen in seconds. oftentimes the thieves are casing parking lot, looking for those items of value. we spoke to people this morning about that, and this is what one man had to to. >> you left nit your car? . >> yeah. >> reporter: the suspect kevin jordan was actually spotted by police yesterday. they made contact with him, but he ran away, and if you have any information on him, police would like to hear from you. back to you. >> all right. georgia mean dela v,ga, thank you. san francisco police say they're going to monitor the man who was detained and then released in connection to those body parts that were found in a suitcase. fifty-nine-year-old mark andres left the jail tuesday night. prosecutors say they just had
6:39 am
-- didn't have enough evidence to charge andrus. body parts were found stuffed inside a suitcase near a goodwill store last wednesday. police chief greg sur says investigators are hoping dna tests will provide the victim's name and possibly lead to and arrest. >> if we can determine who it is, that person may have other things at the residence to match to the parts we have. >> . >> police are still trying to determine if the -- a friend and former roommate of andrus missing for past two weeks. meantime the hannity federal communications commission says the internet should be treated just like any public utility. fcc chairman tom wheeler wants to rule out rules that will block service providers from slowing down or speeding up web traffic based on what users pay. many republicans say trading
6:40 am
the internet like the phone company would mean everyone pays fees. net neutrality plan would block the rich from getting what they call an internet fast lane. >> by proposing clear and decisive action to protect the incident as we know it. these rules are the declaration of understand for the internet. >> reporter: some of those fees were supposed to be there temporarily. they have been on there for decades. and they're not going away. they never go away. >> while the fcc will take a vote on this patrol february 26. time is now 6:40. the u.s. navy unveiled a prototype. this looks like something out of a terminator movie. take a look. now, out's called saber. it's a human-sized robot. comes equipped with lasers to navigate through smoke, even has a hose to put
6:41 am
out fires on board ships. safer could also be used to find safety hazards while at sea. a human being has to operate it, but the navy wants to develop artificial jones so that robot can do everything on its own. all right. it is now 6:40. the personal information of americans could be at risk. coming up in our 7:00 hour, the cyber attack on -- and the information the thieves could now have. >> life was not always easy for this american idol. the struck this will bay area native had to deal with a lot of young people can relate to. a look at the morning commute. 237 westbound slowing down on the way to the valley. >> cloudy skies. rain will move into the north later on this afternoon, evening. could be really happy. we'll have updated totals for you.
6:42 am
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welcome pack to mornings on 2. this wednesday's issue shoe of "sports illustrated" has an ad drawing a lot of attention. it features a plus-sized model. brian flores is in walnut creek with reaction from both men and women on this. what do they say? >> good morning to you. i say it's mostly positive
6:45 am
reaction, ashley graham being in sports illustrated. coming up less than a week from now. some say it's history making as well. . >> this video promoting her ad for -- with a hash tag curves. it shows model ashley graham wearing a black bikini, the same one she wore in the printed ad that will be in the upcoming "sports illustrated" women suit edition. ashley said she isn't afraid to flaunt her curves. she went on instagram saying how excited she is her ad will be in "sports illustrated" swim suit edition. will be the first size 14 to 16 size mod nell the issue. >> i think it's a great thing. i think, in the u.s., we really focus on very, very thin models, but it's not
6:46 am
realistic, because that wasn't reflect the way people are. i've grown up overseas, and in a lot of other countries, the female form, the curves, they're embraced. >> reporter: and, ashley, as you can imagine, very excited about being in si. she wrote a statement to "usa today," saying i know my curves are sexy. i want everyone to know theirs are, too. there's no reason to hide, every reason to flaunt. the world is ready for more curves in bikinis. take it back here live. we want to know what you think about ashley graham being in "sports illustrated" swim suit edition. it is our question of the day. let us know what you think. it'll be great to hear. 6:46 is the time. we are learning who is on the cover of the swim suit issue. hannah davis has appeared in the issue the past two years. this is the first time she has graceed the cover.
6:47 am
she's the girlfriend of retired shortstop derek jeter. davis calls being on the cover a life-long dream. now a story for the ladies. social media is buzzing after the movie trailer for a "magic mike" sequel. most of the original cast is returning. the first "magic mike," featuring channing tatum grossed 467 million. the film is expected to be released on july 1st. time now 6:47. seventeen-year-old singer matt hudson who wants to be the next "american idol" keeps winning new fans >> yeah. >> mattie was the guest of honor last night at a viewing party at grant's lounge and bar. there's mattie. people there watching last night's show.
6:48 am
she met, she hugged, talked to young fan who is watched her since the beginning of the season. next week, mattie plans to go to pleasanton middle school to talk to kids about bullying, something she's very familiar with. >> i was bullied to the ex. everything from death threats to messages. >> mattie said she turned to music, that helped her cope with the problems. so far "the american idol" judges have been impressed with her singing. jennifer lopez said she gave her goose bumps during her audition. we posted a link to mattie hudson's audition on our channel 2 web site. go to check it out. look for the web links section. >> so great to have somebody to root for. >> we met her. she was right here in our studio. check in with tori for a look at what's coming up. >> hi, pam and dave. coming up in our next hour, how
6:49 am
smart can smartphones get? we're going to tell you how you can use one to test for infectious diseases, including heavy and syphilis. takes 15 minutes. it can save a lot of money and a lot of lives. the city is sharply restricting the filming of action movies on its streets. how this is connected to the recent terror attacks at charlie h,bdo and the kosher market. those are some of the stories we're working on for the next hour. >> thank you. time 6:49. sal, you're my traffic authority. what's happening out there? everybody behaving? . >> things are getting busy. we don't have major problems. we have minor things going on. let's take a look at some of the pictures we have for you. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is slow getting into san francisco. we've had traffic that has been slowing down a bit getting into the city. that eats just because of the normal crowding. in san francisco itself, the traffic is moving along pretty well north and
6:50 am
southbound. that's north on the left. i want to show you the 880 south from the hayward area to fr,mont is pretty slow, southbound 880 as you head down toward the fremont areas. traffic is pretty slow as you drive-through from 238 all the way down to about fremont south. now at 6:49, let's go to steve in the weather center. whether you like it or not, today is national weather person's day. >> i like. >> if you're heading out now, everything is fine. although radar is beginning to pick up to the north. going to really pick up. we have a beautiful sunrise. there's even some fog a little toward martin hill a. lot from brentwood out to stockton. and anny bit around livermore. the rainfall season used to be july -- it is now october 1st to september 30th.
6:51 am
so these numbers have been tweaked a bit. 18.67. that's 86% on normal for santa row is a, 14.45 for san francisco, 103% of normal. though we've had 42 days, we're still above thanks to those 21 days in december. north bay, flash-flood anniversary is out. this will probably be a warning, but right now it's a watch. starts tonight, goes into friday. wind advisory kicks in. that's mainly overnight, likely friday into saturday. atmosphere i can river. you've been hearing and hearing and hearing. what is that? it's a narrow band of concentrated moisture well above average in the atmosphere, and that's what's heading towards us. if you take that, get a jet stream behind that, take that, lift it, cool it, condense it, you have that much above-average moisture, you can get a lot of rain. you can wring out a tremendous amount, which is why we have projections that are just incredible.
6:52 am
i'll show you those just a second on rainfall. two systems, one coming in tonight, tomorrow, next sunday, monday. that will be colder. flash-flood watch and wind advisory. there will probably be a lot of advisories by tomorrow. there's going to be two pieces of this system. the first one is toppling over, park itself. it will kind of stall. it needs the second one to enhance it. that will be to the north. maybe even go north of the golden gate. 0s on the temps for most. there are 40s. the breeze isn't too strong yet. you can see the moisture beginning to click along here just off the mendocino coast. . i don't think much will happen with that, but it's a sign of things to come as the atmosphere is getting juiced up a lot. up in the sierra nevada, this will be way above, 8,000 feet. then a colder system will be on sunday, monday. that looks better for snow this next will be rain and wind for most. a lot of cloud cover in advance of that system. rainfall 6 to 12 toward santa rosa. 5 to 10 coastal hills, 3 to 6
6:53 am
around bay. thursday through sunday. however, one of the projections here up around humbold, northern mendocino county, 18 inches of rain. 18. 5-day dramatic. 12 around ukaya. after that it trails off a. fine line between pouring and cloudy and windy tomorrow. 60s on your temp. should be about 58, 62 this time of year in the temps. we're going to stay there until probably monday. cloudy skies, breezy, quiet this morning except for some of that -- carries over saturday. that has more cold air with it. >> they're going to need sandbags. >> if it comes true. my goodness. you get that much rain jumping into the russian river. that will come down. that could be a serious issue. >> up in tahoe, the ground is
6:54 am
particularly dry. the water could run off >> not only that; the burn areas. >> right. big fires, yes. thank you. we'll keep an eye on all of that. 6:53 is the time. distance, level of suppress and partying. coming up in 20 minutes, how today's college students compare in these three categories to the generation of their parents. female announcer: when you see this truck, it means another neighbor is gog to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. find the tempur-pedic that's right for you and see why they're the most highly recommended bed in america. plus, get three years interest-free financing. sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100 day money back guarantee. and of course, free same-day delivery. are you next? announcer: but don't wait!
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demolition work is now underway at candlestick park and it is coming down piece by piece. we got an up-close look yesterday. this is the last time news cameras will be inside. a few markers remain. some of the names of the 49er great still there on the stadium's rim. the developer, lanar is taking the slow meticulous dismantling process. it has scrapped plans to implode the stadium. time 6:57. the marine mammal credibilitier in sauce lee toe, they won donations to help them cake care of a rising number of stranded sea lion poms. veterinarians are seeing a big increase in the emaciated sea lion pups separated from their
6:58 am
mothers. already this year, the rehab center received more than a hundred sea lions that need care. last january, there were ten. scientists say the ocean water is 6 degrees warmer than usual and say that may be pushing fish further out to sea, making it harder for sea lion mothers to find food and nurse their young. >> this is a huge strain on our resources, on our volunteers, and financially we are not prepared for something like this to happen. >> the marine mammal center actually has to put off scheduled maintenance and repairs just to buy food and medicine for those pups. if you're interested in helping, go to their web site and make a donation. coming up in our next hour of mornings on 2, a huge topic: opting out of vaccinations. up next, the legislation that would make it harder for parents to get their children vaccinate >> don: the warriors keep amazing, very aggressive. extremely. in fact, the coach compared him to superman.
6:59 am
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up to 6-inches of rain expected in the north and we will tell you where else this storm is expected to hit and how windy it could get,


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